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An Experienced Personal Trainer

My name is Deanna Schultz and I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer guiding private clients on how to achieve their fitness goals through customized and effective exercise regimens. I assist clients in Los Angeles and other locations who are interested in strength training, balance and gait training, and weight loss.

Strength training can help reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently.  Lean muscle mass diminishes with age. Therefore, strength training can help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass, which in turn can contribute to better balance and may reduce your risk of falls. In addition, developing strong bones can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. And, the way you walk is also affected by both your bones and muscles. 


Now for those interested in weight loss, know that increasing lean muscle will help burn more calories — even at rest. But, nutrition is also a big component. It took me 13 months to lose 75 pounds in a healthy way. With the help of a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and a customized routine exercise program, I changed my lifestyle for the better. 

Maintaining a healthy body weight is vital for our overall health and well-being. Therefore, looking at this from a lifestyle perspective is important. I know from experience there are no quick fixes. Quick fixes are only temporary.   

I use a mixture of body weight, resistance tubing, and free weights to help you reach your fitness goals.

Contact me to discuss customizing a fitness program for you.


"Whether you are wanting to gain muscle, slim down, improve your health or just improve your strength, Deanna has the background and the commitment to help you succeed. After a few sessions Deanna saw areas that needed improvement as a base for us to start. These included strengthening my core, back, as well as range of motion of my shoulders. My experience with personal trainers was very limited at this point. I tried a few trainers before Deanna. But, I felt like the results with the other trainers were not what I was hoping for. After talking with Deanna about what I was looking for, she came up with a plan and the differences became clear. My body has changed for the better. No matter what fitness goals her clients may have, I am certain that Deanna will be more than able to help them get there."
Katie D., Education Specialist

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"Deanna is an extremely warm, sensitive, compassionate and motivating human being. I had the great pleasure of having her as my trainer twice a week for the past 4 months. I must say, after 4 babies and feeling at my heaviest weight, the last place I felt motivated to go was to the GYM! Not a fan. However, after working with Deanna, hearing her success story, seeing her physical and mental strength and her desire to bring that out in ME, I was incredibly motivated. Energized. And so inspired to get BACK to working out again! She taught me HOW to do that. She is compassionate, professional and very motivating! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain their strength back and/or loose weight. I am so grateful for her healthy influence on my life. The core strengthening skills, healthy and proper breathing techniques and the exercises she has taught me, will stay with me for a long, long time. I have so much gratitude and feel privileged to know her!"
— Marion B., Busy Mom of 4 

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"Deanna has a passion for fitness and she knows her craft very well. My first encounter with Deanna was very uplifting. It was my first day back at exercising after being away for five months due to a traffic accident. Deanna graced me with a beautiful smile as she introduced herself. During our training session I observe how educated Deanna was about training. She explained each work out routine and why it was important and how it would improve my strength. She has excellent communication skills. Deanna is very patient and understanding. She would encourage me to challenge myself and work at my own pace. Her words of encouragement motivated me to lose weight. I was impressed with the fact that I remembered the routines she taught me; I was able to do them on my own when she wasn't there. On a personal level Deanna is very professional, well mannered and is a very effective trainer. She makes training fun and easy to learn. She makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Deanna has my highest recommendation as a great personal trainer."
— Keisha R., Medical Field

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"Deanna Schultz, as my personal trainer has helped me with my strengthening after recovering from an achilles injury. I was scared to get back into fitness after getting injured in a gym, but Deanna made the transition very easy. The way she makes you feel comfortable along with making sure to properly do exercises and use the machines so I would not re-injure myself was very much appreciated. She is very knowledgeable in the human body as well when working on a targeted area whether it be stomach, biceps, triceps, etc. I would definitely recommend Deanna to anyone looking to get back into fitness. With her knowledge of her profession,  the results really show from doing the work."
— Ramona T., Customer Service

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